The following general guidelines, which are provided to Users for informational purposes only, have been drafted to guarantee the use of all features of DoveVivo’s website.

We advise you to carefully read the document, which contains essential elements in terms of Privacy and Confidentiality and which, in relation to these aspects, contains the information form for the handling of personal data. In particular, the User who intends to interact with DoveVivo must acknowledge that he or she has read the form and therefore accepts its contents, allowing DoveVivo the processing of his or her personal data.









The user unconditionally accepts the applicability of these terms and conditions of use (hereafter referred to as “Terms of Use”) for every access, visit, and use of DoveVivo’s website. These Terms of Use refer to all information, advice and/or products and services, including those available on the website (“Information”), offered to the User.

It should be noted that the Terms of Use may undergo changes over time and that such changes come into force and will be considered valid and applicable from the moment in which the modified Terms of Use are published on the website. Users of the website are therefore invited to frequently check the Terms of Use in order to verify eventual changes.





Everything contained on DoveVivo’s website is published and offered for the attention of the Users with a purely and merely informative character and purpose: nothing of what is published on the site may be understood as binding recommendations.

DoveVivo is not responsible for damages deriving from the use of (or the impossibility of use of) this website, including damages caused by viruses or derived from the inaccuracy or incompleteness of information, except for damage caused exclusively by fraud or gross negligence by DoveVivo.

DoveVivo is not responsible for damages caused by a lack of adequacy, timeliness or accuracy, for any reason, of this website or of the information contained herein.

DoveVivo is also not responsible for damages caused by the use of electronic means of communication, including, but not limited to, damages derived by failure or delay in the supply of electronic communication, from the interception or the alteration of electronic communication by third parties, or by computer programs used for electronic communication and for the transmission of viruses.

DoveVivo rejects any guarantee, including, but not limited to, warrantees on conditions, quality, merchantability, suitablity for a specific purpose, and the absence of violations.






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Any partial disability, even of a single clause, of the Terms of Use, does not affect the validity of the Terms of Use in their entirety, which remain valid, effective and enforceable for the Users of the website. In this instance, the invalid provisions will be replaced with other provisions of legal enforceability, which correspond as closely as possible to their original meaning, while maintaining the content and meaning of these Terms of Use.






These Terms of Use are subject exclusively to the Italian legal system. The Court of Milan is summoned for any dispute arising from the use of DoveVivo’s website, and from the application of the present Terms of Use, as well as disputes relating to their existence and/or validity.










DoveVivo adopts the minimum measures set forth by the Technical Specifications included in subsection B of Legislative Decree n. 196 from 2003 (hereafter, the Code) and respects the confidentiality and privacy of those Users who, by means of this website, wish to interact with DoveVivo by clicking on the “WRITE US” icon on the website. In order for the User to have the possibility to access the service, they shall, by checking the correct box, acknowledge that they have read the following information form, accepted its content, and therefore allowed DoveVivo the handling of their personal data.

For these Users, DoveVivo protects the provided personal data in compliance with Art. 13 (Conditions) and of Art. 23 and 130 (Consensus) of the Code.

The subjects, or at least the category of subjects to whom the personal data of the persons concerned would be communicated, will be specifically indicated to these Users.

DoveVivo informs the User and/or interested party – pursuant to Art. 131 of the Code – who gives consent to the processing of their personal data, regarding the possible existence of situations that allow or could allow uninvolved parties to unintentionally learn of the content of communications or anything else.

It is to be expressly excluded – pursuant to Art. 122 of the Code – that the website may constitute an electronic communications network which allows for the access to information archived in a User’s terminal device, in order to share information and to monitor the operations of the User.

This Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality (“Policy”) provides information regarding the processing of personal data – including the rights of access and correction of such data collected by DoveVivo in the manner described above: it is consequently understood that, in general, the User can consult the website without providing any personal information, unless intending to interact with DoveVivo by clicking on the “WRITE US” icon described above.

In particular, this disclosure is intended to make Users aware of the website, with respect to the type of personal data processed and to the manner of their processing, in order to encourage greater transparency and fairness towards the Users and full respect of the principles in Art. 11 of the Code.

This Policy may undergo changes over time, partly as a result of the regulatory adjustments in this area. Such changes come into force from the moment in which the modified Policy is published on the website. Users of the website are therefore invited to consult the website on a regular basis in order to check eventual changes.





The undersigned provides the following data to DoveVivo:
• name and surname
• e-mail address
• telephone number
(Visitors to DoveVivo’s website who are minors under 18 years of age may not provide personal data to DoveVivo through the website, but rather such consent must be given by parental, or similar, authority) and allows for the processing of their personal data by DoveVivo, with legal headquarters in Via Soave 11 – 20135 Milan (MI), in the person of the administrator and legal representative.

The undersigned must acknowledge to be aware of the following:br/>





The personal data undergoing processing shall be treated in a fair and lawful way; collected and stored in order:
either to offer products and services as they are presented on the website;
or to improve products and services;
or to respond to questions;
or to send information inherent to any current or future activity on the part of DoveVivo. If required by law, DoveVivo will obtain authorization before sending this information.

The data collected is accurate and, upon instigation of the person involved, updated; relevant, complete and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed; stored in a form that allows for the identification by the interested party for a period of time that is not superior to that necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and subsequently processed.

The data will be kept on an electronic device and stored in electronic archives that are protected by authentication codes on a system, program, and file level. The sensitive information eventually collected will be processed in accordance with the Security Policy Document adopted by DoveVivo.





The interested party acknowledges having been previously both orally and in writing that:
a. the data given to DoveVivo will be used exclusively for the above-mentioned purposes;
b. the omission of the handing over of the data prevents the User from enjoying the services offered on DoveVivo’s website;
c. the subjects to whom the personal information may be disclosed outside of the organizational structure of the company, will exclusively be third parties owning properties managed by DoveVivo;
d. the possibility that, in the face of any abnormal situations outside the scope of responsibility of DoveVivo, third parties could unintentionally learn of the content of communications or anything else inherent to the services offered by the>





The interested party acknowledges having been informed of the following rights:
0. to obtain confirmation of the existence or otherwise of personal data concerning him, even if not yet registered and its communication not yet in intelligible form;
1. obtain information:
either regarding the origin of the personal data;
or regarding the purposes and methods of processing;
or regarding the logic applied in case of processing by means of electronic devices;
or regarding the identity of the owner, managers and the appointed representative;
or the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who may come to learn of the data in the role of appointed representative in the State, managers, or persons in charge;
2. to obtain:
either the updating, rectification, or, when pertaining, the integration of the personal information;
or the cancellation, transformation in anonymous form, or blocking of personal information processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which the data was collected or subsequently processed;
or proof that the above-mentioned transactions were brought to attention, also as regards their content, to those to whom the data was communicated or diffused, unless this requirements proves impossible or leads to the use of means clearly disproportionate to the protected rights;
3. to object, in whole or in part
either to the processing of personal data for legitimate reasons, inasmuch as pertinent to the purposes of collection;
or to the processing of personal data for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for the carrying out of market research or commercial communication.

The undersigned acknowledges having been informed in advance regarding the methods of exercising their rights, which may take place orally or in writing by registered post, fax, or other equivalent means, with intervals of no less than 90 days between one request and the other. Access may also be requested by the person, entity, or association designated by the interested party, upon presentation of certified copy of power of attorney and copy of proof of identity of the designated party (if an individual), as well as suitable proof of certification of the power of attorney of the designated person (if legal entity). DoveVivo will allow access to the data and, if requested, arrange for any changes within 30 days of the request, notifying the interested party and, if requested, those to whom the data was communicated in accordance with the request. Where access involves the preparation of documents, in original or in copy, the interested party will bear all expenses.





DoveVivo, with headquarters in Viale Stelvio 66, 20159 Milano, is the Owner, Manager and Entity in charge of data processing, represented by the President and legal representative in charge. Any variation of the owner and/or Managers and/or of the Entities in charge will be communicated by any means possible to the interested party. The interested party, upon acknowledging of the above, must therefore consciously consent to the processing of personal data by DoveVivo.