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20 marzo 2018


The project of DoveVivo S.p.A. head office in Milan

On March 9th, at the Malaysian International Furniture Fair, we presented our last interior design project for the office of DoveVivo SpA in Milan. The speech was mostly focused on how we interpreted and rendered the client's brand in the design of their headquarters. The 1.500mq space reflects the story and the values of the company, guided by two entrepreneurs in their late thirties and made of a team of incredibly engaged and passionate young professionals.

The project and the corporate graphics are always linked in the spaces, alternating corporate colors: red, black and white with some secondary colors, which we choose from the company's website.

The two main board rooms feature the essence of the brand and the primary colors of the logo.

The open space, where the seats are not assigned, and the departments meeting rooms, has been designed with the secondary colors of the website: the tones are pastel and the environment is much more relaxed.

The reception, with the logo in a main position, is designed to be cozy, warm and colorful at the same time, welcoming the clients in a space with a residential taste but an official corporate look.

The office is designed following the principle of Biophilic Design, which has a strong impact on productivity of the employees and the wellbeing of the occupants. Nature is everywhere in the project and plants are grouped in green "oasis" spread around the opens and the offices. Every position in the office has plenty of natural light and everyone could look out of the window to constantly feel the time passing and the weather outside.

One room is specially designed to facilitate brainstorming sessions or for some relaxed or very focused time during the work hours in the office.

The informal lounge and waiting area, made with Pixel by Bene, could host company's meetings as well as many young clients looking for their new home to share.

The project has been made by ec&co. | architects - Enrico G. Cleva & Sara Viarengo Cleva, in collaboration with arch. Roberta Cazzaniga, arch. Elisa Riviera, arch Francesca Gradanti of the DoveVivo team, with the invaluable support of the owners and the marketing manager dott. Sara Taddei.

18 aprile 2018

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19 marzo 2018

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19 marzo 2018
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