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Chi siamo

Qualità, cura e sicurezza a inquilini e proprietari.

Luigi Garavaglia

He graduated in Business and Economics at the Catholic Sacred Heart University Milan, and is entered in the register of the Association of Certified Accountants of Milan. He is a statutory auditor and a member of the Board of Auditors of leading companies.

He started his professional experience at the Milan Stock Exchange at a Broker Company and then at the law and tax firm Biscozzi Nobili, of which he became a partner a few years later. He has been an international tax consultant for more than 25 years, helping companies to organise and structure their business in the best way.

He has worked on several merger and company sales projects and followed the floatation process for some companies listed in the Milan Stock Exchange. In addition, he has always worked alongside many businesspeople to facilitate the generational change and ensure the development of the company over time.