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What do we expect from those people who help DoveVivo to grow every day?

DoveVivo has drawn up a model of excellence which contains the fundamental VALUES and best practices for helping people and the company to grow.

Who makes an ideal candidate for DoveVivo?

"Young people with significant potential and engagement, driven and motivated by the will to grow and thrive professionally. Energy, determination and the will to build and develop together are crucial requirements."

Be Creative, Be Innovative

We see innovation and creativity as the key drivers of business development. We believe that constantly seeking new ideas, processes and solutions improves the company's operations, its long-term results and the satisfaction of all its partners.

“We work in a high tempo environment but what makes our work special is that we are constantly looking for improvements and creative solutions. This motivates to us to develop and continue learning new things!”

Be Collaborative

For us, collaboration means making yourself available, supporting others and knowing when to ask for help in order to overcome challenges and difficulties both individually and as a group.

“For us, collaboration means making yourself available, supporting others and knowing when to ask for help in order to overcome challenges and difficulties both individually and as a group.”

Share Knowledge And Ideas

For us, sharing is an activity which brings together different points of view, enabling a tolerant, transparent and free flow of knowledge, information and ideas.
Listening to others is the cornerstone of the process.
Sharing means collective participation in a project, with everybody pulling together towards common goals, taking account of other people's priorities and variables as well as one's own.

“Since I have been working here, I have realized that sharing ideas makes everyone's work easier, and requires two key skills to be honed: the ability to listen and give feedback. DoveVivo helps us in this process with training programs focused on developing these skills”

Focus On Quality

Having the courage to target a standard of excellence for the quality of the product and service, fostered steadily over time with research and a constant focus on improvement.
For us, quality means attention to detail, focusing on the needs and expectations of the people within and outside the organization.
A focus on quality requires a healthy and stimulating workplace which allows room for individuality, recognizing and promoting professional and behavioral practices so that the satisfaction of individuals develops alongside the achievements of the group and the company.

“Quality is instilled in our work to create a unique experience for our clients!”

Be Responsible

We define responsibility as an awareness of the consequences that our actions have on ourselves and the group, and it is therefore crucial to forecast the impact of our activities and improve them based on these predictions.
As a result, it is essential for each individual and the organization as a whole to feel fully implicated in the results achieved on the basis of their actions.

“It is extremely stimulating to work in an environment where everybody is responsible for the results they achieve; it motivates me to keep putting forward new ideas and to improve together!”

Respect, People, Things, Ideas

Respect means treating others with politeness, decency and dignity, appreciating and promoting diversity; it means understanding other people and requires effort and hard work. Respect is built by actively creating a relationship of trust and is developed by putting faith in others and treating others as you would like to be treated yourself.

“Here, I realized that trust is a key ingredient in working together; we work tirelessly to integrate people quickly, help them to feel welcomed and always act with respect and transparency.”

Be An Active Part Of Your Company

We believe that a sense of belonging comes from feeling fully in tune with the objectives of the company; it means making your own contribution as an active part of the company's development and its identity, prioritising the company's interest over personal gain and promoting integration processes with all stakeholders.

“It is motivating for us to be working on a project and feel everyone making a contribution; it makes us feel united in striving for a common goal and encourages us to go the extra mile”