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Descrizione Milano 1 eng
city of Milan photo

The most European of Italian cities; efficient, frenetic, orderly, well-to-do. A world of opportunity with an open, young and lively heart. A fun and eclectic city waiting to be discovered.


Descrizione Torino 1 eng
city of Turin photo

Let yourself be captured by the elegance and charm of the Savoy city, situated between the valleys and the Alps. Turin is the ideal city to live a metropolis with a relaxed pace, celebrating both past and future at the same time.


Descrizione Bologna 1 eng
City of Bologna photo

The home of the famous Bolognese sauce, an antique university hub surrounded by rolling hills. It’s the ideal city in which to study, to tour by bike, to live out in the open and enjoy a renown generosity.


Descrizione Roma 1 eng
city of Rome photo

Immerse yourself in the Capital, the Eternal City. Dive into history and lose yourself among the cobbled streets, walk the Imperial Forums, taste firsthand the magical nights. Feel as if you were in a film.


Photo of Padova city
Padua city name photo

A symbol of the Italian Renaissance, Padua is one of the most beautiful art cities in the country and the ideal choice for students and professionals looking for a single room to rent.


Descrizione Como 1 eng
city of Como photo

Upon the shores of the lake, among the foothills of the alps, Como is the ideal town for those seeking calm, tranquility and simplicity. Study, take walks and work with the constant company of the mountain breeze.