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How do I give notice in line with policy for the end date of my minimum stay?

You can give notice using the DoveVivo App designed for flatmates, in the “DoveVivo and Me” section in the menu. To give notice in line with policy, you must give 3 months’ notice before the end date of your minimum stay.
For example: the end date of your minimum stay is 31/08 and you want to leave your room or flat on that date. To do so, you must give notice before and no later than 31/05. If you do not give notice three months prior to the end date of your minimum stay, your minimum stay will be extended for a further 12 months (the same end date of the next year). The charges applicable for terminating the agreement are as follows:
- final cleaning cost: € 50
- tax to register the annulment of the agreement: € 67
- stamp (marca da bollo): € 2

Please send us your bank details using the DoveVivo App as soon as possible so we can return your security deposit within the stipulated times.
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