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I lost-they stole my apartment key set. What do I do?

For the safety of other tenants and the condominium, if you have lost your apartment's key set or had it stolen, you will need to report this to the nearest police station. Once done, we ask you to send us a copy to let us notify the condominium administration who will consider whether to replacing the access key for the building.
If there is no need for this, you can do either of the following to get a new set of keys:.
1. Open a request of maintenance in the section >Services or contact us in the section Help Center via the app (by clicking NO to the question "Did this answer help you?") attaching a copy of the report. We will check the availability of the bunch of keys and, if available, you can come and collect them from the relevant office. The cost of supplying a new set of keys is €100,00
2. If the key set can be duplicated (in other words it does not require any duplication of special cards) you can ask one of your roommates to lend you their copy and get it duplicated yourself. In this case, the cost you incur will not be reimbursed, but you will not have to pay €50,00 for the supply of the new set of keys.

My room key is missing from my key set. How do I get it?

The key to the room is on the desk or in your door's keyhole. If it is not there, please request a copy by opening a maintenance request on the DoveVivo App in the "Services" section.
You will be asked to take photographs of the edge of the door and lock so that we can see which type of key to supply you.