How can we help you?

How can I pay the payment plan or the quotation?

You can pay the payment plan or the quotation through:
- The easiest and most convenient is through the App Dovevivo before you book your check-in by Direct Debit to your bank account or credit card (we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express circuits).
- T-Bonifico Mooney, if you want to pay by cash at authorized points of sale. A service that allow you to make a bank transfer to the virtual iban by paying with credit/debit card and cash at authorize point of sale. To make the bank transfer, fill up the form on to generate the QR code and go to the nearest authorize point of sale and bring your identity document and your talian health card with you. The service fee is €3.50.
- Bank transfer, using the personal IBAN that we sent through email that you can also find on the quotation.
At the time of check-in you will be asked for the receipts of the payments due in the quotation, specifically the payment of:
- the booking fee;
- the security deposit;
- the first monthly payment;
- the check-in admin fee;
Please note that it will NOT be possible to pay in cash at check-in, for this reason we invite you to settle the payment through the methods mentioned above.

What's the difference between quotation and invoice?

The quotation is the statement of payments that is sent to you at the time of booking together with the contract. The quotation includes the due dates for the payments that you will have to make (the amount of the deposit paid to reserve the room will be "already paid").
The invoice, on the other hand, is the official document with the reference number. The first invoice will also show the payments already made at the time of booking and/or check-in (already paid).