How can we help you?

What do I need to do to reserve the room I want?

Just follow the procedure on our website and book your room by paying the booking fee.

How do I pay the booking fee to reserve my room?

You can pay the booking fee to reserve your room by bank transfer or credit card.
If you go on to sign the rental agreement, this amount will be subtracted from the total security deposit.

How is the booking fee used?

The bookng fee paid will be deducted from the security deposit if you proceed to sign the rental contract. In the event that you do not proceed, for any reason, with the signing of the rental contract within the agreed terms (including failure to provide a residence permit for non-EU citizens), the booking fee will be retained by DoveVivo.

What will you find in the payment schedule at the time of booking?

In the payment schedule you will see the total amount to be paid and when it will be due.

For example:
- You pay the booking fee immediately: at the time of booking
- Admin fee check-in, the first rent and the deposit are required before check-in
- The monthly rent is a recurring payment
- Admin fee check-out will be deducted from your deposit at the end of your contract.

What is included in the Admin Fee check-in and check-out?

Admin fees check-in and check-out amounting to 225,00€ each include:
- Customer Care (Help Centre) and dedicated call centre support
-Cleaning service of the room;
- Support in every bureaucratic aspect: from the management of administrative costs to the registration of the contract.

What happens if I renounce the room?

If you decide to renounce the room, the booking fee paid at the time of booking will be kept.

What documents do I need to have handy to reserve the room?

During the online booking process you will be asked to fill in a form with all your personal information and your tax code.
The tax code is not mandatory at the time of booking, but you must have one upon the check-in. You can request it yourself or we can help you with the request upon payment of 60,00€.
This information are essential for drawing up the sublease contract.
All the information and documents we ask for are required by the Italian authorities in order to register your contract.