Renovating your house with DoveVivo is so much easier

If buying or renting a house entails a lot of research and many difficulties, renovating a house is certainly no easier. This also applies to old houses that have been inherited or left vacant for years before a decision is made to put them back on the market, and to houses bought as an investment.

Renovating your house involves a large number of professionals, builders and electricians, plumbers and door and window fitters, architects and interior designers. There are many problems, usually concerning finding workers who are both skilled and reliable, managing day to day relationships with each of them and knowing how to coordinate all the steps and make them work together for the success of the project. If you are wondering how much it costs to renovate a house, each quote is difficult because the estimates in the initial phase almost always escalate due to costs rising week on week.

With over ten years’ experience in the property sector, one of DoveVivo’s strengths is its formula for renovating rented houses. In fact, it is thanks to our beautifully renovated and modern, furnished apartments that DoveVivo now has thousands of rooms rented out to both students and young professionals.

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Discover how to renovate your house with DoveVivo

If you have no idea how to renovate an apartment for rent and you don’t want any unexpected glitches or difficulties when managing the work, DoveVivo is the solution.

Property renovation is one of the added values in our business model. Freeing owners from all the problems and stress of refurbishing a house, we involve them in the initial planning of the work and look after all phases of the renovation.

The DoveVivo team includes architects, technicians and maintenance technicians working full time on the various phases of renovating houses and then the subsequent furnishing and interior design. What’s more, over the years DoveVivo has developed solid relationships with reliable suppliers who progress the work as quickly as possible.

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